Celebrate Red Nose Day 2016

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Red Nose Day is a charity event that happens once a year. The aim is to use comedy and entertainment to raise as much money as possible to help people living tough lives across the UK and Africa.   

History of Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day was created by Richard Curtis and Jane Twenson. Inspired by Live Aids, a 1985 fundraising concert, they created Comic Relief. Comic Relief aims to help people and reduce the famine all over the world. The first charity action was launched on live through BBC channel in a camp in Sudan for Christmas.

The first Red Nose Day took place almost 30 years ago in 1988 in Ethiopia. About 200 celebrities were present for that special event.  It raised over 15 million dollars.

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Red Nose Day has been raising more and more money.  The 7th annual edition in 1999 raised over $50 million, a record! In following years, the money raised has been impressive: $94 million in 2005, $119 million in 2009 and $146 million in 2013.

Comic Relief and Red Nose Day have been supported by celebrities since the beginning. Sam Smith, Sting, The Beckhams, U2 and Justin Bieber will wear a red nose the  26th of May!  Even Game of thrones’ actors accompanied by the band Coldplay  made a musical in honor of the charity.


MBS & Red Nose

At Mark’s Bookkeeping Services, we have been supporting Red Nose day for years, we encourage everybody to do the same.  It is your turn now! Go to and buy red noses for you, your family, friends, and coworkers. Take pictures and then share it on Social Media with the Hashtags:  #RedNose ;  #RedNoseDay ; #MakeMlaugh ; #RedNoseMBS

The big show will air on May 26th at 9PM on NBC.  You can donate to this great cause at www.rednoseday.org