Meet NYC’s Top Bookkeeping Firms

I know it may sound like we are biased, but a good bookkeeper is absolutely integral to any business vying to create sustainable growth while making sure that all of their bases are covered. A good bookkeeping firm is a step above that — a pool of experts across different industries with access to best practices, answers to the vexing questions of running a business, and a steady stream of continuous support.

We at Mark’s Bookkeeping are happy to work in the industry that we do, and helping businesses succeed for the past 14 years has been an immense source of pride. We are also grateful to work alongside other bookkeeping services that, although technically our competitors, consistently provide excellent service to their clients, adding to the positive reputation of our industry as a whole.

Here is an overview of our colleagues (and us), the top four firms in New York City. We acknowledge that each of us has our own area of specialization, and are happy to refer clients to one another, as appropriate for an individual business’ circumstances.

Moxie Bookkeeping

Moxie Bookkeeping

Although Moxie the firm was established in 2004, owner Ean had been doing freelance bookkeeping since the mid-1990s. Sizing at about twelve people, Moxie specializes in small businesses, solopreneurs, not-for-profit and creative types. Ean has an arts background academically and professionally, and thus considers herself comfortable with the artistic temperament (and often accompanying discomfort with numbers). Her talent is in demystifying numbers and ensuring that her clients are comfortable with their own books and can understand their finances in the larger picture of their business success. Keep an eye out for Moxie’s evolution — in the coming months, Moxie is positioning itself as a full-service small to medium business consultancy, which will include outsourced CFO and various business consulting services. Moxie pledges 1% of gross income to environmental causes, stocks fair trade coffee in the office, and is a member of Co-op America. For more about Moxie Bookkeeping, please visit


Margo's Bookkeeping Services

Margo’s Bookkeeping
With specialized bookkeeping services for real estate, construction, design and non-profit industries, it is no wonder why Margo’s Bookkeeping has become a top-rated firm for small,midsize and large companies alike. Providing the most efficient remote personalized services, with additional services if necessary, Margo and her staff are working round-the-clock to meet and exceed the expectations of clients from various lines of business. All staff members are highly credentialed, holding either an accounting or business-related degree, while Margo herself has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.
Putting quality and client care at the top of her priority list is what motivates Margo to be an active participant in all aspects of her firm’s business. In fact, Margo’s dedication to the field of accounting truly runs deep, as she donates countless hours of pro bono accounting work to many charitable organizations. For more about Margo’s Bookkeeping, please visit


The Bookkeeping Company
The Bookkeeping Company of New York City (TBCNYC)
TBCNYC was founded in 2001, and has grown to twenty employees since then. The bulk of TBCNYC’s clients are inventory, retail, manufacturing and wholesale companies, as well as several professional service firms and young tech startups. They offer three primary services – full-service outsourced accounting, staffing consulting, and group/individual training. TBCNYC considers itself unique in that it leverages education and training modules through its award-winning program, DISCOVERBOOKEEPING, to improve the accounting skills of its own employees, small business owners and their employees, and individuals new to the field of bookkeeping. They operate in a highly collaborative model where clients will work with a number of specialized accounting professionals – be they bookkeepers, controllers or CFO consultants – as the client’s needs change from time to time. TBC will also help businesses find in-house bookkeepers and provide bookkeeping support during a client placement search. Additionally,TBCNYC is heavily involved with the workforce development community and partners with several nonprofit agencies to help improve the local workforce. For more about The Bookkeeping Company, please visit


Mark’s Bookkeeping Service
Mark’s Bookkeeping was established in the Flatiron District of New York City in 2000 and is the largest firm in NYC with regard to actual bookkeepers. With a diverse and somewhat eccentric background in a number of businesses spanning entertainment, food and beverage, retail, and land development as well as managing optician in Beverly Hills — and running his own printing business for 25 years — Mark prides himself on his knowledge running various types of small businesses. Mark’s preeminent industry is not-for-profit (he also provides discounted rates to NFPs) and his for profit clients run the gamut from architecture to law firms to retail. He also assists individuals who need assistance with their personal financial record-keeping. Over the past 14 years, Mark’s services have grown to include continuing education, payroll, bookkeeping auditing, budgeting and projections as well as financial modeling of companies. Mark’s also follows a collaborative model; one bookkeeper will provide on-site or remote assistance regularly, with the periodic assistance from other bookkeepers where specialized knowledge is required. Mark’s matches employee donations to a number of local nonprofits, and has volunteered with AARP / IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) / Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE). For more about Mark’s Bookkeeping Services, please visit